Please try rotating the following pictures with your mouse (hold down the left button while pushing around the mouse's marker over the picture), or try using the right button and going to "control panel" to manipulate other things (like face color, vertex size, etc...).

The first picture is a skeleton for a torus, with enlarged vertices so that the viewer can click on the right mouse button and see how to change various features, like vertex size, edge color and thickness, etc...

The second picture is an unstable portion of a minimal catenoid, with a vector field on it showing the direction of a variation of the surface that reduces area.

The third picture is half of a (constant mean curvature 1) catenoid cousin in hyperbolic 3-space (in the Poincare model).

The fourth picture is a portion of a minimal trinoid.

The final picture is an animation of a deforming surface.

For information about the software, called JavaView, that creates the above interactive graphics, please see the home page of SFB288 in Berlin .