Kobe Seminar on Hypergeometric Systems
(October 1995 - July 2002)
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October 23 (Mon), 1995
Minobu NAKATANI (Kobe)
q-Symmetry: q-analogue of confluent hypergeometric functions

October 30 (Mon), 1995
Masatoshi NOUMI (Kobe)
Integral representation of Macdonald polynomials and related connection problems

November 13 (Mon), 1995
Nobuki TAKAYAMA (Kobe)
Integer programming and hypergeometric systems

November 20 (Mon), 1995
Tadashi TANIGUCHI (Keio)
Kahler metrics on null-correlation bundles

November 27 (Mon), 1995
Helena VERRILL (Kyoto, JSPS)
Picard-Fuchs equations from root lattices

December 11 (Mon), 1995
Kyoichi TAKANO (Kobe)
On Okamoto's space of the Painleve equation

January 22 (Mon), 1996
Hajime URAKAWA (Tohoku)
Spectra of the discrete Laplacians of graphs --a differential geometric method in graph theory

February 5 (Mon), 1996
Masatoshi NOUMI (Kobe)
Raising and lowering operators for Macdonald polynomials

February 19 (Mon), 1996
A.M. COHEN (Eindhoven)
Representation of algebraic groups and tensor categories -- a conjecture of Deligne

March 4 (Mon), 1996
Paul G.A. FLORIS (Kobe/Leiden)
q-Analogues of the addition formula for disk polynomials

March 7 (Mon) & March 8 (Tue), 1996
Toshio OSHIMA (Tokyo)
Generalized Capelli identities and boundary value problems for GL(n)

March 11 (Mon), 1996
Konrad SCHMUDGEN (Leipzig)
Noncommutative differential calculi on quantum groups

April 9 (Tue), 1996
On G-functions and G-connections

April 16 (Tue), 1996
Jiro SEKIGUCHI (Himeji Univ. Tech.)
Geometry of 6 or 7 lines in the projective plane

April 30 (Tue), 1996
Toshiyuki TANISAKI (Hiroshima)
Hypergeometric systems on Hermitian symmetric spaces and the integral representation of their solutions

May 7 (Tue), 1996
Masahiko SAITO (Kobe)
Generating function of rational curves in a certain Calabi-Yau manifold

May 8 (Wed), 1996
Mathijs S. DIJKHUIZEN (Kobe)
Limit transitions between multivariable BC type q-orthogonal polynomials and quantum ccomplex Grassmannians

June 8 (Mon), 1996
Keiji MATSUMOTO (Hiroshima Univ.)
Intersection numbers of twisted closed differential forms

June 17 (Mon), 1996
Kyoichi TAKANO (Kobe Univ.)
On the procedure of confluence for hypergeometric functions

July 1 (Mon) - July 3 (Tue), 1996
Workshop on "Recent Progresses in Painleve Equations"

July 24 (Wed), 1996
Tatsuhiko TABARA (Golden-Gate Univ., USA)
Stokes multipliers for a certain differential equation

October 7 (Mon), 1996
Nobuki TAKAYAMA (Kobe Univ.)
Integer programming and indicial ideals

October 17 (Thu), 1996
Gert HECKMAN (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
Yang's paritcle systems and Hecke algebras

November 5 (Tue), 1996
Jan STIENSTRA (Utrecht / Kobe-JSPS)
Resonance in hypergeometric systems related to Mirror Symmetry

November 6 (Wed), 1996
Masatoshi NOUMI (Kobe)
A remark on symmetries in hypergeometric functions

December 2(Mon)-5(Thu), 1996
Workshop on Hypergeometric Systems in Kobe '96
List of Talks (in Japanese)

Januray 10 (Fri), 1997
V.V. GOLDBERG (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Web Geometry: Its Past, Present and Future

January 16(Thu), 1997
Hirofumi YAMADA (Hokkaido)
Schur's S-functions and Q-functions

January 29(Wed), 1997
Jan Felipe van DIEJEN (CRM, CANADA)
Properties of the eigenfunctions for the rational quantum Calogero system with harmonic confinement

April 14(Mon), 1997
Yasuhiko YAMADA (Kobe)
On spinon character formulas

April 14 (Mon), 1997
Kota YOSHIOKA (Kobe)
On the moduli spaces of vector bundles

April 22 (Tue), 1997
Jasper STOKMAN (Unive. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
On BC type basic hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials

April 28 (Mon), 1997
Maxim NAZAROV (Univ. of York, England)
Capelli identities for the classical Lie algebras

May 6 (Tue), 1997
Masa-Hiko SAITO (Kobe)
Prepotentials of Yukawa couplings and lattice theta functions

May 20 (Tue), 1997
Hiraku NAKAJIMA (Kyoto)
Hilbert schemes of points on algebraic surfaces and Jack polynomials

June 17 (Tue), 1997
Humihiko WATANABE (Kyushu)
Defining varieties of Painlev\'e equations and birational canonical transformat\ ions

August 19 (Tue), 1997
Susumu Tanabe (Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow)
Gauss-Manin systems associated with isolated complete intersection singularities

October 15 (Wed), 1997
Grigori OLSHANSKI (Inst. for Problems of Information Transmission, Moscow & RIMS, Kyoto University)
Asymptotics of Jack polynomials as the number of variables goes to infinity

November 25 (Tue), 1997
Masao JINZENJI, (Department of Mathematical Science, University of Tokyo)
Recursive Formulas for Structure Constants of Quantum Cohomology Ring of Fano Hypersurfaces

December 1(Mon)-4(Thu), 1997
Workshop on Hypergeometric Systems in Kobe '97
List of Talks

March 17 (Tue), 1998
M.H. Saito, M. Noumi and Y. Yamada (Kobe University)
Prospects of the Painleve Systems

May 26 (Tue), 1998
Fumiharu KATO (Kyushu University)
Mumford's fake projective plane as a moduli variety

July 13(Mon), 1998
Hironobu KIMURA (Kumamoto University)
An analogue of flat bases for hypergeometric integrals, and their intersection numbers

July 14(Tue), 1998
Masakazu MURO (Gifu University)
Hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments

September 11(Fri), 1998
Konrad SCHMUDGEN (University of Leipzig)
Covariant differential calculi on quantum groups and quantum spaces

April 26 (Mon), 1999
Masatoshi NOUMI (Kobe Univ.)
Infinite integrable systems and Painleve-Garnier systems

May 11 (Tue), 1999
Masahiko SAITO (Kobe Univ.)
Meaning of the time variable in the Painleve equations

May 24 (Mon), 1999
Kyoichi TAKANO (Kobe Univ.)
Backlund transformations and the spaces of initial conditions for Painleve equations

June 29 (Tue), 1999
Erik KOELINK (Delft Univ. of Tech.)
Spherical Fourier transform and the quantum SU(1,1) group

July 13(Tue), 1999
Nobuhiko TAHARA (Kobe Univ.)
Towards the construction of the space of initial conditions for the system of type A^{(1)}_4

August 31 (Tue), 1999
Daisuke Matsushita (RIMS, Kyot Univ.)
On remarks of singular fibers of a complex lagrangian fibration

October 21 (Thu), 1999
Marta Mazzocco (Mathematical Institute in Oxford)
Classification of algebraic solutions of Painleve VI

November 17 (Wed) and 18(Thu), 1999
Don Zagier (MPI/ RIMS)
Hypergeometric Functions and Modular Forms I, II

December 22 (Wed), 1999
Daigo Yoshii (RIMS)
Simply-Laced Elliptic Lie Algebras

January 25 (Tue), 2000
Yaroslav Pugai (RIMS)
On the combinatorics of the Forrester Baxter paths

January 25 (Tue), 2000
Hideaki Morita (Hokkaido Univ.)
On Fock space representation of twisted affine Lie algebras of type $A^{(2)}_{2l}$ and $D^{(2)}_{l +1}$

February 22 (Tue), 2000
Erza Getzler (Northwestern Univ./RIMS)
Frobenius manifolds and bihamiltonian geometry

April 25 (Tue), 2000
Yoshinori Namikawa (Osaka Univ.)
Complex symplectic varieties

May 16 (Tue), 2000
Kyoichi Takano (Kobe Univ.)
The space of initial conditions and B\"acklund transformations for Painlev\'e systems

May 23 (Tue), 2000
Shoji Okumura (Osaka Univ.)
Scalar flat K\"ahler metric and Painlev\'e III

June 8 (Thu), 2000
David Morrison (Duke Univ.)
Mirror symmetry and Geometry

June 13 (Tue), 2000
Go Yamamoto (Univ. of Tokyo)
On Structures of Superconformal Algebras

June 27 (Tue), 2000
Hitomi Terajima (Kobe Univ)
Deformation of Okamoto-Painlev\'e pair and Painlev\'e equations

August 21 (Mon), 2000
Boris Feigin (RIMS)
Verlinde Algebras for some Vertex Algebras (N=2 minimal unitary theories -special case of such algebras)

June 5 (Tue), 2001
Atsuo Kuniba (Univ. Tokyo)
Simple algorithm for factorized dynamics of $g_n$-automaton

August 27 (Mon), 2001
Norio Suzuki and Humihiko Watanabe (Kitami Inst. Tech.)
Monodromy preserving deformation of the Heun equation and rational solutions of the sixth Painlev\'e equation

November 19 (Mon), 2001
Igor Dolgachev (Univ. Michigan)
Symmetric bounded domains and periods of Calabi-Yau manifolds

December 6 (Thu), 2001
Keiji Nishioka (Keio Univ.)
The first and the second variations of Painlev\'e I

December 19 (Wed), 2001
Nicholas Witte (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Random matrix theory and integrable dynamical systems

April 22 (Mon), 2002
Fumiharu kato (Kyoto Univ.)
On uniformizations of Riemann surfaces and
uniformizing differential equations

June 18 (Tue), 2002
Toshiyuki Mano (Kyoto Univ.)
Differential equations satisfied by modular functions

June 25 (Tue), 2002
Martin Guest (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Quantum cohomology via D-modules

July 5 (Fri), 2002
Alexander I. Molev (University of Sydney)
Twisted analogs of the quantum affine algebras