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2.7 Interruption

To interrupt the Asir execution, input an interrupt character from the keyboard. A C-c is usually used for it. (Notice: C-x on Windows and DOS.)

@ (x+y)^1000;
C-cinterrupt ?(q/t/c/d/u/w/?)

Here, the meaning of options are as follows.


Terminates Asir session. (Confirmation requested.)


Returns to toplevel. (Confirmation requested.)


Resumes to continue the execution.


Enters debugging mode at the next statement of the Asir program, if Asir has been executing a program loaded from a file. Note that it will sometimes take a long time before entering debugging mode when Asir is executing basic functions in the algebraic engine, (e.g., arithmetic operation, factorization etc.) Detailed description about the debugger will be given in Debugger.


After executing a function registered by register_handler() (see section ox_reset,ox_intr,register_handler), returns to toplevel. A confirmation is prompted.


Displays the calling sequence up to the interruption.


Show a brief description of options.

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