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7.2 Mathcap

A server or a client does not necessarily implement full specifications of OpenXM. If a program sends data unknown to its peer, an unrecoverable error may occur. To avoid such a case OpenXM provides a scheme not to send data unknown to peers. It is realized by exchanging the list of supported CMO and SM. The list is called mathcap. Mathcap is also defined as a CMO and the elements are 32bit integers or strings. The format of mathcap is as follows.

[[version number, server name],SMtaglist, [[OXtag,CMOtaglist],[OXtag,CMOtaglist],...]]

[OXtag,CMOtaglist] indicates that available object tags for a category of data specified by OXtag. For example ‘ox_asir’ accepts the local object format used by Asir and the mathcap from ‘ox_asir’ reflects the fact.

If "ox_check" switch of ctrl is set to 1, the check by a mathcap is done before data is sent. If "ox_check" switch of ctrl is set to 0, the check is not done. By default it is set to 1.

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