<< obj1 extension obj2 >>
array of object obj1; object obj2; 
The first element of the obj1 should be the key word tag.
<< extension >> is used to install a new function to a system. cf.ext.c and plugin/
  [(parse) string] extension result-integer 
  [(chattr) num literal] extension result-object 
  [(chattrs) num ] extension result-object 
  [(date)] extension date-string 
  [(defaultPolyRing) num ] extension result-object 
  [(flush) ] extension null 
  [(getAttribute) obj key] extension value 
  [(getAttributeList) obj] extension attrList 
  [(getpid) ] extension result-integer 
  [(getenv) envName] extension valueOfEnvName 
  [(gethostname) ] extension myhostname 
  [(stat) fname] extension v 
       v = [null,[(error no), p]] or [0, [size ]]
  [(forkExec) argList fdList sigblock] extension pid
  [(getattr) literal] extension attr
  [(getchild)] extension listOfPid (generated by forkExec)
  [(keywords) ] extension array-of-names-of-primitives 
  [(nobody) ] extension null 
  [(newMatrix) m n] extension mat 
  [(newVector) m ] extension vec 
  [(getUniqueFileName) path] extension newName 
  [(or_attr) atr literal] extension new_value 
  [(or_attrs) atr ] extension result-obj 
  [(outputObjectToFile) path obj] extension null 
  [(ostype)] extension list 
  [(quiet) flag] extension int 
  [(setAttribute) obj key value] extension new-attributed-obj 
  [(setAttributeList) obj attrList] extension new-attributed-obj 
  [(stringToArgv) sobj] extension decomposed_str  cf. to_records 
  [(stringToArgv2) sobj separator] extension decomposed_str  cf. to_records 
  [(read) fd size] extension string 
  [(regexec) regular_expression stringArray flags(opt)] extension list 
  [(regionMatches) string stringArray] extension list 
  [(traceClearStack)] extension null 
  [(traceShowStack)] extension str 
  [(traceShowScannerBuf)] extension str 
  [(unlink) fname] extension r
See also plugin-* in ?? by [(plugin)] usages :: 
See also (extension-examples) usage ::

Nobuki Takayama 2020-11-24