About this document

The system kan/sm1 is a Gröbner engine specialized especially to the ring of differential operators with a subset of Postscript language and an extension for object oriented programming. It is designed to be a back-end engine for a heterotic distributed computing system. However, it is not difficult to control kan/sm1 directly. This document is a collection of programs for kan/sm1 Version 2.xxxx. Since the system is still evolving, there is no comprehensive manual for the libraries of kan and the Postscript-like language sm1. However, all operators in kan/sm1 are shortly explained in onlinehelp.tex in this directory and it will be enough once one understands the fundamental design of the system. This document provides introductory examples and explains the fundamental design of the system. If there are questions, please send an E-mail to the author (kan`@=11@math.kobe-u.ac.jp).

There are two design goals of kan/sm1 .

  1. Providing a backend engine in a distributed computing system for computations in the ring of differential operators.
  2. Providing a virtual machine based on stacks to teach intermediate level computer science especially for mathematics students.

Nobuki Takayama 2020-11-24