The Design and Implementation of OpenXM-RFC 100 and 101

Masahide Maekawa

(Kobe University)

Masayuki Noro

(Kobe University)

Katsuyoshi Ohara

(Kanazawa University)

Nobuki Takayama

(Kobe University)

Yasushi Tamura

(Kobe University)

March 7, 2001


OpenXM is a free, or Open Source, infrastructure for mathematical software systems. It provides methods and protocols for interactive distributed computation and for integrating mathematical software systems. OpenXM package version 1.1.3 is a set of software systems that support OpenXM -RFC 100 and 101 proposed standard protocols. It is currently a collection of software systems Asir [10], GNUPLOT, Kan/sm1 [19], Macaulay2 [4], PHC pack [20], TiGERS [6], Mathematica interface, and OpenMath/XML [1] translator. These are wrapped with the OpenXM stack machine to connect each other. Availability: The OpenXM package and OpenXM-RFC's have been obtainable at [15] from January 24, 2000.

Keywords: Asir, IAMC, Interactive Distributed Computation, Integration of Mathematical Software, MP, OpenMath, OpenXM, OpenXM-RFC, XML.

Nobuki Takayama 2017-03-30