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Revision 1.33, Fri Sep 7 07:13:04 2018 UTC (2 years, 9 months ago) by takayama
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updated the installation instruction for Debian and MacOS X.

%%  $OpenXM: OpenXM/install.txt,v 1.33 2018/09/07 07:13:04 takayama Exp $    

The OpenXM package is a package of mathematical software systems.
They are integrated with the OpenXM protocols.
The OpenXM protocol provides an infrastructure for 
mathematical software systems.

As to installation procedures,
   see doc/install-en.txt  in English
   see doc/install-ja.txt  in Japanese.

These files will be generated from install.oxweave by 
   cd doc
in the source distribution.

As to the licence of OpenXM, see the directory Copyright (BSD, Fujitsu, ...).
We understand that you agree with our licence when you started "make".
If you provide binaries generated to "users", you need to let users know 
that we understand that once an user starts our system, he/she agrees 
with our licence.

If you are interested in using and do not like to build from the source
code, we recommend you to use MathLibre DVD.
The OpenXM package is preinstalled in these systems.
A Debian network is also distributed at http://www.openxm.org

-------- An instruction for a quick installation from the source code ---
During the installation, some library souces are automatically  downloaded
by the wget or the curl command.  All necessary library sources are downloaded in
OpenXM_dist at the same level of OpenXM. If you are offline, please put
all library sources necessary in this directory by hand.

(cd OpenXM/src ; make install)
             You will get binaries, libraries, and documents under
             OpenXM/bin, OpenXM/lib, OpenXM/doc
(cd OpenXM/rc ; make install)   
             Shell scripts to start "asir", "sm1", ... will be copied to
             /usr/local/bin  [You need do "make install" as a super user.]
or (cd OpenXM/rc ; make )
   and include dot.bashrc or dot.cshrc generated from your .bashrc or .cshrc
   by the command source;  source dot.bashrc  or source dot.cshrc.

   If you do not like to change your .bashrc or .cshrc, use the command
   /usr/local/bin/openxm to start our program. For example,
     openxm asir
   starts the asir under the OpenXM environement.

------- If you need only asir and kan,
(cd OpenXM/src ; make install-asir2000 ; make install-k097 )
             You will get only asir and kan/sm1.
(cd OpenXM/rc ; make install)

------- Generating html/ps documents under OpenXM/doc
After installation,
(cd OpenXM/src ;  make install-document)

Risa/Asir with asir-contrib is the main client system in the OpenXM project.
You can start Risa/Asir by the command "asir", which is called
It is build by (cd OpenXM/src ; make install-asir-contrib)
The manual of Risa/Asir and Asir-contrib can be found in the 
OpenXM/doc directory and http://www.openxm.org

gc and gmp will be automatically downloaded from 
and stored in OpenXM_dist (OpenXM/../OpenXM_dist) by wget or curl.
If you cannot connect to the ftp server directory,
please download the files at www.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/pub/OpenXM/misc/gc*
and www.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/pub/OpenXM/misc/gmp*
under OpenXM_dist by hand before make.