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Revision 1.1, Wed Sep 19 05:45:05 2018 UTC (4 years, 2 months ago) by noro
Branch: MAIN

Added asir2018 for implementing full-gmp asir.

       Installation of Asir2000 (standalone version; 2006.8.15)

Any question is welcome by e-mails to noro@math.kobe-u.ac.jp.

0. Compiler

On SPARC, gcc is used. Set the search path so that 
'/usr/ccs/bin' is searched before '/usr/local/bin'.

On PC/x86 gcc is used.

On Alpha the native compiler /usr/ccs/bin/cc is used.

1. Determining the install directory

In the install directory, the following subdirectories are put:

bin       executables of PARI and asir
lib       library files of PARI and asir
include   header files of PARI

These subdirectories are created automatically if they does not exist.
If you can be a root, it is recommended to set the install directory
to '/usr/local'.  In the following the directory is denoted by TARGETDIR.

The PARI library is necessary for bigfloat computation and evaluation of
elementary functions. Currently asir links the old PARI library,
libpari.a.2.0 because of the license restriction. The latest version of
PARI is 2.2.x and it is recommended to install PARI and asir in a private

2. Installation of pari

% gzip -dc pari.tgz | tar xvf -
% cd pari
% ./Configure --prefix=TARGETDIR
% make all
% su                         <-- if necessary
# make install
# make install-lib-sta
# exit

While executing 'make install', the procedure may stop due to
some error. Then try the following:

% cd Oxxx           <--- 'xxx' is the name of the current OS.
% make lib-sta
% su
# make install-lib-sta
# make install-include
# exit

Although GP is not built, the library necessary for building asir2000
will be generated.

3. Installation of asir2000

The following switch is available:

  Set the install directory to 'dir'. It should be the same as TARGETDIR
  specified in the installation of PARI.

  This should be specified if PARI is to be linked.

  This should be specified if plotting functions is necessary. 

% gzip -dc asir-head.tgz | tar xvf -
% cd asir2000
% configure --prefix=TARGETDIR                         <- without plot and PARI
% configure --prefix=TARGETDIR --enable-plot         <- with plot, without PARI
% configure --prefix=TARGETDIR --with-pari --enable-plot  <- with plot and PARI
% make
% su     <- if necessary
# make install
# make install-lib
# make install-doc
# exit

3. Environment variables

If ASIR_LIBDIR is already set, unset it.

4. Manuals

The file asir-doc.tgz contains dvi files and HTML manuals.

% gzip -dc asir-doc.tgz | tar xvf -