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Revision 1.12, Mon Nov 29 09:19:33 2021 UTC (12 months, 1 week ago) by noro
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.11: +4 -3 lines

Improved comp_sig_monomial().

/* $OpenXM: OpenXM_contrib2/asir2018/engine/nd.h,v 1.12 2021/11/29 09:19:33 noro Exp $ */
#include "ca.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "ox.h"
#include "base.h"
#include "inline.h"
#include <time.h>

#if defined(__GNUC__)
#define INLINE static inline
#elif defined(VISUAL) || defined(__MINGW32__)
#define INLINE __inline
#define INLINE

typedef unsigned int UINT;

#define USE_UNROLL 1

#define REDTAB_LEN 32003

/* GeoBucket for polynomial addition */

typedef struct oPGeoBucket {
  int m;
  struct oND *body[32];
} *PGeoBucket;

typedef struct oSIG {
  int pos;
  DL dl,dl2;
} *SIG;

/* distributed polynomial; linked list rep. */
typedef struct oND {
  struct oNM *body;
  int nv;
  int len;
  int sugar;
  SIG sig;
} *ND;

/* distributed polynomial; array rep. */
typedef struct oNDV {
  struct oNMV *body;
  int nv;
  int len;
  int sugar;
  SIG sig;
} *NDV;

typedef union oNDC {
  long m;
  Z z;
  LM lm;
  P p;
  R r;
  DAlg a;
} *NDC;

/* monomial; linked list rep. */
typedef struct oNM {
  struct oNM *next;
  union oNDC c;
  UINT dl[1];
} *NM;

/* monomial; array rep. */
typedef struct oNMV {
  union oNDC c;
  UINT dl[1];
} *NMV;

/* history of reducer */
typedef struct oRHist {
  struct oRHist *next;
  int index;
  int sugar;
  SIG sig;
  UINT dl[1];
} *RHist;

/* S-pair list */
typedef struct oND_pairs {
  struct oND_pairs *next;
  int i1,i2;
  int sugar;
  int sugar2;
  SIG sig;
  int zero;
  UINT lcm[1];
} *ND_pairs;

/* index and shift count for each exponent */
typedef struct oEPOS {
  int i; /* index */
  int s; /* shift */
} *EPOS;

typedef struct oBlockMask {
  int n;
  struct order_pair *order_pair;
  UINT **mask;
} *BlockMask;

typedef struct oBaseSet {
  int len;
  NDV *ps;
  UINT **bound;
} *BaseSet;

typedef struct oNM_ind_pair
  NM mul;
  int index,sugar;
  SIG sig;
} *NM_ind_pair;

typedef struct oIndArray
  char width;
  int head;
  union {
    unsigned char *c;
    unsigned short *s;
    unsigned int *i;
  } index;
} *IndArray;

typedef struct oNDVI {
  NDV p;
  int i;
} *NDVI;

extern int (*ndl_compare_function)(UINT *a1,UINT *a2);
extern int nd_dcomp;

extern NM _nm_free_list;
extern ND _nd_free_list;
extern ND_pairs _ndp_free_list;

extern struct order_spec *dp_current_spec;
extern char *Demand;
extern VL CO;
extern int Top,Reverse,DP_Print,dp_nelim,do_weyl,NoSugar;
extern int *current_weyl_weight_vector;
extern int *current_module_weight_vector;

/* fundamental macros */
#define TD(d) (d[0])
#define HDL(d) ((d)->body->dl)
#define HTD(d) (TD(HDL(d)))
#define HCU(d) ((d)->body->c)
#define HCM(d) ((d)->body->c.m)
#define HCLM(d) ((d)->body->c.lm)
#define HCZ(d) ((d)->body->c.z)
#define HCP(d) ((d)->body->c.p)
#define HCA(d) ((d)->body->c.a)
#define CM(x) ((x)->c.m)
#define CLM(x) ((x)->c.lm)
#define CZ(x) ((x)->c.z)
#define CP(x) ((x)->c.p)
#define CA(x) ((x)->c.a)
#define DL(x) ((x)->dl)
#define DL2(x) ((x)->dl2)
#define SG(x) ((x)->sugar)
#define LEN(x) ((x)->len)
#define LCM(x) ((x)->lcm)
#define GET_EXP(d,a) (((d)[nd_epos[a].i]>>nd_epos[a].s)&nd_mask0)
#define GET_EXP_MASK(d,a,m) ((((d)[nd_epos[a].i]&(m)[nd_epos[a].i])>>nd_epos[a].s)&nd_mask0)
#define PUT_EXP(r,a,e) ((r)[nd_epos[a].i] |= ((e)<<nd_epos[a].s))
#define XOR_EXP(r,a,e) ((r)[nd_epos[a].i] ^= ((e)<<nd_epos[a].s))

#define GET_EXP_OLD(d,a) (((d)[oepos[a].i]>>oepos[a].s)&omask0)
#define PUT_EXP_OLD(r,a,e) ((r)[oepos[a].i] |= ((e)<<oepos[a].s))
#define MPOS(d) (d[nd_mpos])

#define ROUND_FOR_ALIGN(s) ((((s)+sizeof(void *)-1)/sizeof(void *))*sizeof(void *))

/* macros for term comparison */
#define TD_DL_COMPARE(d1,d2)\
#if 0
#define DL_COMPARE(d1,d2)\
#define DL_COMPARE(d1,d2)\

/* allocators */
#define NEWRHist(r) \
((r)=(RHist)MALLOC(sizeof(struct oRHist)+(nd_wpd-1)*sizeof(UINT)))
#define NEWND_pairs(m) \
(m)=_ndp_free_list; (m)->zero = 0; _ndp_free_list = NEXT(_ndp_free_list)   
#define NEWNM(m)\
(m)=_nm_free_list; _nm_free_list = NEXT(_nm_free_list)   
#define MKND(n,m,len,d)\
(d)=_nd_free_list; _nd_free_list = (ND)BDY(_nd_free_list);\
NV(d)=(n); LEN(d)=(len); BDY(d)=(m)
#define NEWNDV(d) ((d)=(NDV)MALLOC(sizeof(struct oNDV)))
#define MKNDV(n,m,l,d) NEWNDV(d); NV(d)=(n); BDY(d)=(m); LEN(d) = l;
#define NEWNM_ind_pair(p)\
((p)=(NM_ind_pair)MALLOC(sizeof(struct oNM_ind_pair)))
#define NEWSIG(r) \
((r)=(SIG)MALLOC(sizeof(struct oSIG)),NEWDL((r)->dl,nd_nvar),NEWDL((r)->dl2,nd_nvar))

/* allocate and link a new object */
#define NEXTRHist(r,c) \
#define NEXTNM(r,c) \
#define NEXTNM2(r,c,s) \
#define NEXTND_pairs(r,c) \
#define MKNM_ind_pair(p,m,i,s,sg)\
 (NEWNM_ind_pair(p),(p)->mul=(m),(p)->index=(i),(p)->sugar = (s),(p)->sig=(sg))

/* deallocators */
#define FREENM(m) NEXT(m)=_nm_free_list; _nm_free_list=(m)
#define FREENDP(m) NEXT(m)=_ndp_free_list; _ndp_free_list=(m)
#define FREEND(m) BDY(m)=(NM)_nd_free_list; _nd_free_list=(m)

/* macro for increasing pointer to NMV */
#define NMV_ADV(m) (m = (NMV)(((char *)m)+nmv_adv))
#define NMV_OADV(m) (m = (NMV)(((char *)m)+oadv))
#define NDV_NADV(m) (m = (NMV)(((char *)m)+newadv))
#define NMV_PREV(m) (m = (NMV)(((char *)m)-nmv_adv))
#define NMV_OPREV(m) (m = (NMV)(((char *)m)-oadv))

/* external functions */
#if 1
void GC_gcollect();

/* manipulation of coefficients */
void nd_removecont(int mod,ND p);
void nd_removecont2(ND p1,ND p2);
void removecont_array(P *c,int n,int full);
void removecont_array_q(Z *c,int n);

/* GeoBucket functions */
ND normalize_pbucket(int mod,PGeoBucket g);
int head_pbucket(int mod,PGeoBucket g);
int head_pbucket_q(PGeoBucket g);
int head_pbucket_lf(PGeoBucket g);
void add_pbucket_symbolic(PGeoBucket g,ND d);
void add_pbucket(int mod,PGeoBucket g,ND d);
void free_pbucket(PGeoBucket b);
void mulq_pbucket(PGeoBucket g,Z c);
NM remove_head_pbucket_symbolic(PGeoBucket g);
PGeoBucket create_pbucket();

/* manipulation of pairs and bases */
int nd_newps(int mod,ND a,ND aq);
ND_pairs nd_newpairs( NODE g, int t );
ND_pairs nd_minp( ND_pairs d, ND_pairs *prest );
ND_pairs nd_minsugarp( ND_pairs d, ND_pairs *prest );
NODE update_base(NODE nd,int ndp);
ND_pairs update_pairs( ND_pairs d, NODE /* of index */ g, int t, int gensyz);
ND_pairs equivalent_pairs( ND_pairs d1, ND_pairs *prest );
ND_pairs crit_B( ND_pairs d, int s );
ND_pairs crit_M( ND_pairs d1 );
ND_pairs crit_F( ND_pairs d1 );
int crit_2( int dp1, int dp2 );
int ndv_newps(int m,NDV a,NDV aq);

/* top level functions */
void nd_gr(LIST f,LIST v,int m,int homo,int retdp,int f4,struct order_spec *ord,LIST *rp);
void nd_gr_trace(LIST f,LIST v,int trace,int homo,int retdp,int f4,struct order_spec *ord,LIST *rp);
NODE nd_f4(int m,int checkonly,int **indp);
NODE nd_gb(int m,int ishomo,int checkonly,int gensyz,int **indp);
NODE nd_gb_trace(int m,int ishomo,int **indp);
NODE nd_f4_trace(int m,int **indp);
void nd_sba(LIST f,LIST v,int m,int homo,int retdp,int f4,struct order_spec *ord,LIST *rp);

/* ndl functions */
int ndl_weight(UINT *d);
void ndl_weight_mask(UINT *d);
void ndl_homogenize(UINT *d,UINT *r,int obpe,EPOS oepos,int ompos,int weight);
void ndl_dehomogenize(UINT *p);
void ndl_reconstruct(UINT *d,UINT *r,int obpe,EPOS oepos);
INLINE int ndl_reducible(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE int ndl_lex_compare(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE int ndl_block_compare(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE int ndl_matrix_compare(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE int ndl_composite_compare(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE int ndl_equal(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE void ndl_copy(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE void ndl_zero(UINT *d);
INLINE void ndl_add(UINT *d1,UINT *d2,UINT *d);
INLINE void ndl_addto(UINT *d1,UINT *d2);
INLINE void ndl_sub(UINT *d1,UINT *d2,UINT *d);
INLINE int ndl_hash_value(UINT *d);

/* normal forms */
INLINE int ndl_find_reducer(UINT *g);
int nd_sp(int mod,int trace,ND_pairs p,ND *nf);
int nd_sp_f4(int m,int trace,ND_pairs l,PGeoBucket bucket);
int nd_nf(int mod,ND d,ND g,NDV *ps,int full,ND *nf);
int nd_nf_pbucket(int mod,ND g,NDV *ps,int full,ND *nf);

/* finalizers */
NODE ndv_reducebase(NODE x,int *perm);
NODE ndv_reduceall(int m,NODE f);

/* allocators */
void nd_free_private_storage();
void _NM_alloc();
void _ND_alloc();
void nd_free(ND p);
void nd_free_redlist();

/* printing */
void ndl_print(UINT *dl);
void nd_print(ND p);
void nd_print_q(ND p);
void ndp_print(ND_pairs d);

/* setup, reconstruct */
void nd_init_ord(struct order_spec *spec);
ND_pairs nd_reconstruct(int trace,ND_pairs ndp);
void nd_reconstruct_s(int trace,ND_pairs *ndp);
int ndv_setup(int mod,int trace,NODE f,int dont_sort,int dont_removecont,int sba);
void nd_setup_parameters(int nvar,int max);
BlockMask nd_create_blockmask(struct order_spec *ord);
EPOS nd_create_epos(struct order_spec *ord);
int nd_get_exporigin(struct order_spec *ord);
void ndv_mod(int mod,NDV p);
NDV ndv_dup(int mod,NDV p);
NDV ndv_symbolic(int mod,NDV p);
int nd_symbolic_preproc(PGeoBucket bucket,int trace,UINT **s0vect,NODE *r);
ND nd_dup(ND p);
int ndv_ishomo(NDV p);

/* ND functions */
int ndv_check_membership(int m,NODE input,int obpe,int oadv,EPOS oepos,NODE cand);
void nd_mul_c(int mod,ND p,int mul);
void nd_mul_c_q(ND p,P mul);
void nd_mul_c_p(VL vl,ND p,P mul);
ND nd_remove_head(ND p);
ND nd_separate_head(ND p,ND *head);
INLINE int nd_length(ND p);
void nd_append_red(UINT *d,int i);
UINT *ndv_compute_bound(NDV p);
UINT *nd_compute_bound(ND p);
ND nd_copy(ND p);
ND nd_merge(ND p1,ND p2);
ND nd_add(int mod,ND p1,ND p2);
ND nd_add_q(ND p1,ND p2);
ND nd_add_sf(ND p1,ND p2);
ND nd_quo(int mod,PGeoBucket p,NDV d);
INLINE int nd_length(ND p);
NODE nd_f4_red(int m,ND_pairs sp0,int trace,UINT *s0vect,int col,NODE rp0,ND_pairs *nz);
NODE nd_f4_red_dist(int m,ND_pairs sp0,UINT *s0vect,int col,NODE rp0, ND_pairs *nz);
NODE nd_f4_red_main(int m,ND_pairs sp0,int nsp,UINT *s0vect,int col,
  NM_ind_pair *rvect,int *rhead,IndArray *imat,int nred,ND_pairs *nz);
NODE nd_f4_red_mod_main(int m,ND_pairs sp0,int nsp,UINT *s0vect,int col,
  NM_ind_pair *rvect,int *rhead,IndArray *imat,int nred,ND_pairs *nz);
NODE nd_f4_red_sf_main(int m,ND_pairs sp0,int nsp,UINT *s0vect,int col,
  NM_ind_pair *rvect,int *rhead,IndArray *imat,int nred,ND_pairs *nz);
NODE nd_f4_red_q_main(ND_pairs sp0,int nsp,int trace,UINT *s0vect,int col,
  NM_ind_pair *rvect,int *rhead,IndArray *imat,int nred);
NODE nd_f4_red_gz_main(ND_pairs sp0,int nsp,int trace,UINT *s0vect,int col,
  NM_ind_pair *rvect,int *rhead,IndArray *imat,int nred);

/* NDV functions */
ND weyl_ndv_mul_nm(int mod,NM m0,NDV p);
void weyl_mul_nm_nmv(int n,int mod,NM m0,NMV m1,NM *tab,int tlen);
void ndv_mul_c(int mod,NDV p,int mul);
void ndv_mul_c_q(NDV p,Z mul);
ND ndv_mul_nm_symbolic(NM m0,NDV p);
ND ndv_mul_nm(int mod,NM m0,NDV p);
ND ndv_mul_nmv_trunc(int mod,NMV m0,NDV p,UINT *d);
void ndv_realloc(NDV p,int obpe,int oadv,EPOS oepos);
NDV ndv_dup_realloc(NDV p,int obpe,int oadv,EPOS oepos);
void ndv_homogenize(NDV p,int obpe,int oadv,EPOS eops,int ompos);
void ndv_dehomogenize(NDV p,struct order_spec *spec);
void ndv_removecont(int mod,NDV p);
void ndv_print(NDV p);
void ndv_print_q(NDV p);
void ndv_free(NDV p);
void ndv_save(NDV p,int index);
NDV ndv_load(int index);

/* converters */
ND ptond(VL vl,VL dvl,P p);
NDV ptondv(VL vl,VL dvl,P p);
P ndvtop(int mod,VL vl,VL dvl,NDV p);
NDV ndtondv(int mod,ND p);
ND ndvtond(int mod,NDV p);
Z *nm_ind_pair_to_vect(int m,UINT *s0,int n,NM_ind_pair pair);
IndArray nm_ind_pair_to_vect_compress(int m,UINT *s0,int n,NM_ind_pair pair,int prevh);
int nd_to_vect(int mod,UINT *s0,int n,ND d,UINT *r);
int nd_to_vect_q(UINT *s0,int n,ND d,Z *r);
NDV vect_to_ndv_q(Z *vect,int spcol,int col,int *rhead,UINT *s0vect);

/* elimination */
int nd_gauss_elim_mod(UINT **mat0,int *sugar,ND_pairs *spactive,int row,int col,int md,int *colstat);
int nd_gauss_elim_sf(UINT **mat0,int *sugar,int row,int col,int md,int *colstat);
int nd_gauss_elim_q(Z **mat0,int *sugar,int row,int col,int *colstat);

int ndl_ww_lex_compare(UINT *a1,UINT *a2);

#if SIZEOF_LONG == 8
int nd_to_vect64(int mod,UINT *s0,int n,ND d,mp_limb_t *r);
int ndv_reduce_vect64(int m,mp_limb_t *svect,mp_limb_t *cvect,int col,IndArray *imat,NM_ind_pair *rp0,int nred,SIG sig);
NDV vect64_to_ndv(mp_limb_t *vect,int spcol,int col,int *rhead,UINT *s0vect);
void red_by_vect64(int m, mp_limb_t *p,unsigned int *c,mp_limb_t *r,unsigned int hc,int len);
int nd_gauss_elim_mod64(mp_limb_t **mat,int *sugar,ND_pairs *spactive,int row,int col,int md,int *colstat);