Publications of Department of Mathematics, Kobe University

The last update of this page: June 9, 2006.

Here you can find information on the publications of our department. (We have online papers from the Funkcialaj Ekvacioj and the Rokko Lecture Series here. If you are looking for online copies of a specific paper in Kobe Journal of Mathematics, please go to the web page of the author.)

A description of our publications in Japanese can be found here.

  1. Funkcialaj Ekvacioj
  2. Kobe Journal of Mathematics
  3. Rokko Lectures in Mathematics
    Rokko Lectures in Mathematics

    Online preprints available here . Most of these preprints are in Japanese, but some are in English.

  4. book list for entering students (made in 1997) (in plain TeX format)

    Sometimes it is difficult for students to know which books are the best to read for learning particular subjects and for developing a background in mathematics, so we have compiled a list of books that we found particularly useful when we were students. We recommend these books to students.

Department of Mathematics, Kobe University