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A.3 Input interfaces

A command line editing facility and a history substitution facility are built-in for DOS, Windows version of Asir. UNIX versions of Asir do not have such built-in facilites. Instead, the following input interfaces are prepared. This are also available from our ftp server. As for our ftp server See section How to get Risa/Asir.

On Windows, ‘asirgui.exe’ has a copy and paste functionality different from Windows convention. Press the left button of the mouse and drag the mouse cursor on a text, then the text is selected and is highlighted. When the button is released, highlighted text returns to the normal state and it is saved in the copy buffer. If the right button is pressed, the text in the copy buffer is inserted at the current text cursor position. Note that the existing text is read-only and one cannot modify it.

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A.3.1 fep

Fep is a general purpose front end processor. The author is K. Utashiro (SRA Inc.).

Under fep, emacs- or vi-like command line editing and csh-like history substitution are available for UNIX commands, including ‘asir’.

% fep asir
[0] fctr(x^5-1);
[1] !!                              /* !!+Return                      */
fctr(x^5-1);                        /* The last input appears.        */
...                                 /* Edit+Return                    */

Fep is a free software and the source is available. However machines or operating systems on which the original one can run are limited. The modified version by us running on several unsupported environments is available from our ftp server.

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A.3.2 asir.el

asir.el’ is a GNU Emacs interface for Asir. The author is Koji Miyajima (YVE25250@pcvan.or.jp). In ‘asir.el’, completion of file names and command names is realized other than the ordinary editing functions which are available on Emacs.

asir.el’ is distributed on PC-VAN. The version where several changes have been made according to the current version of Asir is available via ftp.

The way of setting up and the usage can be found at the top of ‘asir.el’.

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